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Jane B. Carlton & Dennis W. Carlton

Jane B. Carlton received her AB from Harvard College in 1972 and her Phd in organic chemistry in 1976. After serving as a post-doctoral fellow in the Chemistry Department of the University of Chicago, she served on the faculty of the Chemistry Department of Northwestern University. After that, she began her career as an artist , based in part on her prior studies at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She specializes in acrylic paintings of flowers, both realistic and abstract . She has had several exhibits in the Chicago area.

Dennis W. Carlton earned his AB from Harvard College in 1972, his MS in Operations Research from MIT in 1974, and his PhD in Economics from MIT in 1975 .He is the David McDaniel Keller Professor of Economics at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago where he has taught in the Business School, Law School and Economics Department since 1976. His specializes in microeconomics, industrial organization, and antitrust. He has published numerous articles and two books, including one of the leading textbooks in industrial organization. He is the editor of several journals and has won numerous awards.

Carlton served as the Deputy Assistant Attorney General in the Antitrust Division of the Department of Justice in 2007-2008. He is associated with the economic consulting firm Compass Lexecon and served as President (of Lexecon) for several years. He has appeared as an expert in numerous domestic and foreign litigation matters involving antitrust, regulation, and intellectual property.

Dennis and Jane both grew up in the Boston area where they met while Jane was still in high school. They have been married for 46 years. Jane and Dennis have three children and four grandchildren who are a never ending source of pleasure.

The Carlton Fellowship: Jane and Dennis created the Carlton Fellowship at the University of Chicago about 10 years ago to bring Israelis to the United States to obtain an MBA . The Carlton Fellows are expected to return to Israel where they can apply their skills and brainpower to help Israel thrive. There are now over 40 Carlton Fellows.