Certificates of Origin / exporting to israel

In 2015 Israel imported $59.9B, making it the 44th largest importer in the world. During the last five years the imports of Israel have increased at an annualized rate of 1.5%, from $54B in 2010 to $59.9B in 2015. The most recent imports are led by Diamonds which represent 11.2% of the total imports of Israel, followed by Cars, which account for 5.38%.

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Certificate of Origin
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Certification & Completion: Click here to provide a scan of the commercial invoice and bill of lading if you require a completed chamber-certified certificate of Origin. 

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In addition to the official US Certificates of Origin (COO) for Exports to Israel under the US-Israel Free Trade Agreement (FTA), we provide:

  1. Assistance completing the COO
  2. Research export compliance with the FTA, if necessary
  3. Chamber stamp when required by the FTA

One Certificate of Origin is required per export shipment. There is a $25 flat fee for Certificates of Origin and the aforementioned services for individual members and non-members. There is no charge for business members.

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*Customs does not accept photocopies or downloaded copies

For Israel-based companies interested in exporting to the US, contact the Israel-America Chamber of Commerce in Tel Aviv.

What does a Certificate of Origin for Export to Israel do for US-based businesses?

  • Saves time and money
  • Waives tariffs
  • Waives duties
  • Facilitates export through customs

You need a Certificate of Origin for Export to Israel if your export is:

  • Wholly the growth, product or manufacture of the United States*
  • Sold to a customer in Israel, with Israel as the export’s destination

*Products not wholly the growth, product or manufacture of the United States must be substantially transformed into a new article having a new name, character or use in order to qualify.

You do not need a Certificate of Origin for Export to Israel for:

  • Evaluation samples or temporary exports for a trade show
    Contact the US Council for International Business at 1.866.786.5625 or visit www.merchandisepassport.org
  • Printed Informational Material