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Gilles Gade
Founder, President and CEO
Cross River, a fintech Bank

Gilles Gade is Founder, President and CEO of Cross River, having served as Chairman for the company since its inception in 2008. Gade’s vision is steering Cross River as an innovation-driven, state-chartered bank and provider of trusted financial solutions, to the marketplace lending and next-generation payment processing arenas. Gade graduated from the MBA Institute IMIP (Groupe IPESUP) in Paris, with a Masters of Science in International Management. In 1990 he began his career at Citicorp Venture Capital. Later on he served as CFO of First Meridian Mortgage, and was Co-Founder and Managing Director of Chela Technology Partners. In addition, he was Technology Investment Banker at Barclays Capital, and FIG Investment Banker at Bear Stearns.

Gilles Gade is an excellent speaker and his FinTech knowledge is off the charts. Cross River is one of the most successful banks in the US. The bank's Israeli subsidiary’s sole activity is developing banking, financial services and related software for internal use by the Bank. As a technology-focused institution, the Bank believes that in many cases, it is more beneficial to build its own technology, rather than to buy existing technology.  This means that the Bank needs to do extensive software development work.  Having surveyed the market, the Bank determined that Israel has a deep pool of software development talent at an average total cost of 60% of comparable talent in the US.  And since the Bank does software development in both the US and Israel (which are seven hours apart), it can benefit from the ability to work on projects over a 24-hour cycle.