Jane Fischer 2016 Headshot.jpg

Jane Fischer

AICC President From February 24, 2016 - February 26, 2018
Remarks to AICC Members and Board

I would like start by thanking the Board, and the members of the AICC and the AIEF for their support and confidence in allowing me to carry out the role and duties of President of the AICC Board of Directors.

I especially want to thank Susan Rosenstein for her contributions and leadership during the last year and taking the baton so smoothly. She is well prepared to seamlessly step into the role of President and I’m thrilled to have such a wonderful and dedicated successor.

I’d like to acknowledge and thank my employer, Serenium Inc. and also, my dad, my son and my best friend. I want to thank my fellow Board members. Collectively, they bring an incredible cross section of knowledge and expertise to the Chamber. You are our dream team and I value every interaction we’ve had, along with the support and ideas you have contributed to both me and the Chamber. I know that I speak on their behalf when I commit to our collective dedication to continue to advance the goals of AICC and remain on the forefront of business in Israel and the Midwest.

Michael Schmitt – it’s been fun to watch you grow and we appreciate, so much, your enthusiasm, creativity, and hard work.

The breadth of my career purpose has been to enhance health and improve the quality of life for people, both here and abroad. It’s a purpose that I have always been proud of and therefore I am honored to have had the opportunity to contribute further in this role. Since taking office:

  • We’ve enormously improved our connections and reputation with the City and the State and with other organizations in the city
  • We’ve attracting a new audience, including younger members
  • We’re attracting a diverse audience, including women
  • We’re seeing an uptick in new audiences including the Quad Cities and new countries, like Albania and extending our reach to the suburbs and Milwaukee
  • We have 2 exciting, income producing “barn burning” events each year
  • And, I’ve just learned this morning that we’ve raised two-thirds of our winter campaign goal to date.

I said when you elected me to this job in 2016 that the position of President is a volunteer position and the learning that I expected to gain was one of the most valuable payments I was expecting in return. I was right. Priceless! Please allow me to thank you for your confidence and for this opportunity. I believe that, with your help, I’ve left this organization better than I found it.

Thank you.