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Michael Reznik, Founder & CEO, Metanoia

Michael Shahar Reznik is Founder and CEO of Metanoia. For Michael, "Screw it let's do it" is not just a phrase, it's an ideology (and he thanks Richard Branson). 

In recent years, Michael served as the Israeli Minister of Housing and Construction's personal advisor and as a digital marketing consultant for commercial and governmental institutions. During that time he gained an extensive experience in marketing strategies, VR, new-media and traditional campaigns, real-estate projects planning, politics and governance, and more.

Michael earned his B.A. from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Political Science and Comparative Religion, and an Honors Masters Degree in Israel and Vatican relations from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

About Metanoia

Metanoia specializes in creating properties in VR (private houses, apartment buildings, hotels, shopping malls and more), so that end-users could experience their future homes in an unprecedented way. Metanoia's competitive edge is that until now, entrepreneurs and architects have had to provide clients with photos, videos or 360° simulations, in order to give them a general idea of what their future home would look like. Using Metanoia's technology, entrepreneurs can offer their clients a more practical visualization: clients can take a walk around their property, change specifications (flooring, marble, furniture, etc.) and fully experience their future home, long before it is built.

Metanoia works with real-estate entrepreneurs in Israel, California, and Russia who wish to provide their clients with a completely fresh, interactive and effective experience. Not only will it benefit the clients, but it will also enhance the overall process of marketing and selling a property.

Here is a link to a video, translated into English.