Tuesday, November 1, 2016 at 5:00 pm
Held at: 1871  I  222 W Merchandise Mart Plaza #1212, Chicago, IL 60654


Scott Dubin

Director of Investor Relations
OurCrowd in North America

Scott Dubin serves as the Director of Investor Relations of OurCrowd in North America. He has over 10 years of experience leveraging the power of communities.

Prior to joining OurCrowd, he was the founder of The AIPAC Technology Division, a network of pro-Israel political activists, and worked as an operative on municipal, gubernatorial and US Senate campaigns in addition to consulting for advocacy campaigns and not-for-profits in the United States, Canada, and Israel.

A lifelong advocate of Israel, Scott has served in leadership roles at the World Zionist Organization and Jewish Agency for Israel; elected to the Zionist General Council and Zionist Congress. Scott received his BA from the New York University and served in the IDF’s Artillery Corp.

OurCrowd is one of the world’s leading equity crowdfunding platforms to invest in Israeli and global companies. Managed by a team of seasoned investment professionals and led by serial entrepreneur Jon Medved, OurCrowd vets and selects opportunities, invests its own capital and brings startups to its membership. OurCrowd provides post-investment support to its portfolio companies, assigning industry experts as mentors and taking board seats. OurCrowd has invested over $200M in its 90 portfolio companies, which include three exits since its launch in February 2013: ReWalk, (IPO on the NASDAQ), Nextpeer acquired by Rakuten/Viber and Billguard acquired by Prosper.

OurCrowd is according to Forbes “one of the largest crowdfunding organizations on the planet.” Bloomberg Business week said in the May 7, 2015 edition that “OurCrowd is hands down the most successful equity-crowdfunding platform in the world right now.” described OurCrowd as “Crowdfunding for Real Investors.”