About AICC
Who We Are

The America - Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago (AICC) was founded in 1958 to develop business relationships between U.S. and Israeli companies. AICC, a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit trade association, connects its members into a global network that provides vital information and facilitates business contacts.

Members include manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers, professional and business service providers, venture capitalists, investment bankers and R&D scientists. Over the years, hundreds of companies have found ways to grow their international trade.



What We Do

AICC assists U.S. and global companies to connect with Israel's numerous commercial, industrial and scientific capabilities. AICC also acts as a catalyst for specific business inquiries from U.S., global and Israeli companies.

AICC's main focus is in homeland security, health care/biotechnology, information technology, communications, and agri-technology sectors.

Why We Do It

The America-Israel Chamber of Commerce Chicago (AICC) is founded on the premise that a strong and independent Israel requires a robust Israeli economy producing growth, jobs and tax revenue for Israel and its people. Our operations take many forms, but they all are focused on this basic goal. By continually demonstrating to business leaders here in the Midwest that it makes good business sense for them to do business in and with Israel, and by serving as the catalyst for this economic activity, we provide critical support for Israel's economy and its people.

Fostering trade and investment between the U.S. and Israel is good for America, good for the Middle East, and good for Israel. AICC is devoted to increasing awareness of the issues and opportunities involved, stimulating dialogue and commerce, and creating relationships between business executives and professionals on the western shore of Lake Michigan and the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.



Proactive Economic Programs
  • Buy Israel Goods (BIG), is a comprehensive resource helping consumers in Chicago and around the nation locate Israeli consumer products and gifts from high fashion to High Holidays to high tech.
  • AIBEx┬«, business exchage programs bringing Israeli companies together with key U.S./global decision-makers to explore synergies and business cooperation.
    Export Assistance and Documents, providing information on Israel Free Trade Agreement with the U.S.
  • American-Israel Economic Forum (AIEF), is a 501(c)(3) charitable educational foundation that works in cooperation with AICC. It is the region's only organization providing educational information about the benefits of conducting business with and in Israel.
  • Business Informational and Networking Programs, openning doors between firms to grow their businesses.
  • Advice and Guidance, enabling businesses to tap into a vast reservoir of highly-educated talent, as well as the world's greatest number of Ph.D.'s per capita.
  • Speaker's Bureau attracts high-level experts from business, venture capitalists, universities, journalism and government agencies.



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