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Yair Solow
CEO and Co-Founder

Click Here For An Interview With Yair Solow on CNN.

Yair co-founded CyGov in 2016 and serves as its CEO. He has over 15 years of experience and record-breaking performance in management, marketing, business development and team leadership. He is a motivated entrepreneur who drives new business through strategic partnerships with key stakeholders and executives.

Yair's experience includes Prior to co-founding CyGov, Yair headed marketing and communications strategy for Visa's South East Europe sub-market (2014 - 2016). He also co-founded FirstMacro in 2013; served as the VP Marketing & Business Development for HAS Advantage Visa Inc. Rewards Program (2007-2013); and was the Co-Founder of Israel Wireless Ltd in 2004.

Yair earned a BA in Business Management and Marketing Technology from the Jerusalem College of Technology in 2007.

About CyGov

CyGov is a leading cyber security firm providing enterprises, governments and utilities with cutting edge solutions to be effective today and evolve for a sustainable advantage in the future.

As cyber threats grow in frequency and complexity, traditional preventative and reactive security methods have become increasingly ineffective. Today enterprises and governments are facing a race against time to construct and implement a reliable cyber-readiness plan, moving from a post-breach to pre-breach strategy.

CyGov’s SaaS platform is the world’s most advanced cyber risk and assessment management platform. The CyGov approach incorporates all major industry frameworks along with best practices from around the world to manage government and corporate cyber programs and policy enforcement across all layers and domains of cyber security. The platform transcends traditional technology to assess and score all areas of organizational responsibility, in accordance with highest industry compliance standards.

CyGov offers a sustainable, holistic, tailor-made cyber defense model - the first of its kind - established by some of our team members, who have worked at the highest levels of Israel’s government and national defense, and who were intimately involved in leading the development of Israel’s National Cyber Agency and creating the country’s holistic cyber strategy. Holistic cyber defense effectively identifies and protects against current and future threats and gives entities the ability to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving cyber landscape. CyGov is the first company to merge cutting-edge Israeli innovation with forward thinking national and corporate cyber strategic know-how.   

Thanks to the team's unparalleled wealth of knowledge and experience, CyGov delivers a unique combination of technological excellence and a genuine ability to apply this expertise to governments and enterprises. The result is a seamless integration of top quality cyber defense into everyday strategy.